B2B Lead Generation

I will use COLD EMAILS to create a brand new LEAD GENERATION CHANNEL for your business. No need for a pre-existing list - it's included.

I am Mark

I am Chief Revenue Officer at a consulting company. I generate leads. I figured that as long as you don't compete with my current company, I can help.

It Works!

Once you grasp what I am offering, you'll understand why it has to work. But it might not work for just any business. I know that it will work for the following:

  • Your business is a tech startup, an established technology product company, or a consulting or staffing firm

  • You generate at least US $5M per year, and you want to grow

  • Your business sells to all of the United States. We need a big addressable market

  • You know you ideal customer well, your USP, your personas, and your product or service is well defined

How to work with me

I use Fiverr.

It's simple and easy. All the details are there. If you want to find out more, just click the link to read about the "gig" details.